Prysmian Cables, along with its specialty divisions, Draka Cable and General Cable, offer a wide range of cables that can meet almost any application. Whether its low voltage airport lighting cable, Bridge cables, 2 Hour Fire Resistive RHW or MC cables, transit authorities, power, signal and fiver cables, with or without Low smoke Zero Halogen materials and even medium voltage cables, we can come up with a solution to meet your needs. [New York & New Jersey]


Safety is a priority in subways, trains, light rail, mass transit. Conduit protects the fiber that transmits data about these underground and above ground locations. We don’t know everything about everything, just everything there is to know about HDPE conduit. Our staff of highly trained and specialized engineers have been hands-on problem-solving with the telecommunications industry since the dawn of cell phones. Dura-Line is at the forefront of the industry creating strategic solutions that solve the issue of the unpredictable needs of  tomorrow’s fiber cable requirements. As a TL 9000 and ISO 9001 rated manufacturer, Dura-Line takes pride in our state-of-the-art quality products and being recognized a key partner with all of the major telecommunications companies across the world. Recommended for Above and Below Ground Applications: FuturePath Figure-8 For a fast installation and the lowest deployment cost, nothing beats FuturePath Figure-8 Self-Support. Constructed with factory bundled MicroDucts and a polyethylene oversheath that incorporates a 1/4″ Extra High Strength Galvanized Steel Strand. RCR Associates now representing Dura-Line in New York and New Jersey with a focus on infrastructure and the MTA. [New York & New Jersey] |


As an electrical conduit fittings manufacturer, Topaz strives to exceed the expectations of our customers. With our expansive inventory of products, including Rigid, EMT connectors, EMT fittings, PVC, conduit bodies, HDG, and Flexible Conduit fittings, Topaz can deliver the fittings and electrical products your customers need—when they need them. Our electrical fittings are always in stock and ready for fast delivery. [New York and New Jersey]

SIEMENS Smart Infrastructure

RCR is representing Power Distribution Switchboards, Low Voltage Switchboards, Medium Voltage Switchboards, and Power Panels in the New York / New Jersey focused on MTA, New York City Transit, Metro North, LIRR, NJ Transit, Amtrak, and Port Authority (PATH). [New York & New Jersey]


Clear-Vu Lighting is the top LED lighting manufacturer for the MTA / NYCTA stations and tunnels. Clear-Vu Lighting also designs and manufactures best-in-class LED lighting fixtures for temporary construction applications.  [New York & New Jersey]


Since 1996, INTEG has provided one source responsibility for the design, sales, and service of critical electrical support systems required within the high tech mission critical environments.  We provide a full range of services for applications such as data centers, communication systems, emergency call centers, air traffic control, medical imaging, research facilities, sports complexes, College & Universities, financial institutions, and industrial facilities throughout North America.   INTEG uses a full line of high quality electrical products as the foundation of its systems.  We supply and integrate auxiliary power generation equipment, paralleling and switching controls, uninterruptible power systems, switchboards, switchgear, static transfer switches, power distribution units, harmonic filters, transient voltage surge suppression, facility monitoring and management systems, to suit the end user’s operational requirements.  Offerings range from selling equipment to providing equipment commissioning and long-term maintenance contracts. Represented in New York and New Jersey with a focus on the MTA and the Port Authority. [New York & New Jersey]

Switchgear Power Systems

Switchgear Power Systems has extensive experience designing, engineering, and manufacturing highly custom electrical power distribution equipment for the global electrical marketplace.. [Covering the New York and New Jersey Area]

*NEW LINE! – Elite CAD Designs

RCR Associates is representing Elite Cad Designs. Elite CAD Designs is the industry leader in 3D Modeling, Coordinating, Detailing and Laser Scanning for Residential, Commercial and Industrial MEP systems. We draw mission-critical mechanical systems for constructability, taking into account maintenance requirements and system performance. We draw, model, and coordinate in high detail for prefabrication as standard practice. All of our work is delivered by our expert team, comprised of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing specialists.  

Elite CAD Designs provides services to:

-Owners & Developers
-Architects & Engineers

Services include:

-Drafting, modeling, detailing & coordination for constructability and pre-fabrication
-BIM & VDC coordination management building information modeling, virtual design & construction
-Reality Capture
-Digital Twin-Asset Management
-Detailed architectural or structural existing conditions drawings, models, virtual tours and point cloud laser scanning measurement data

Visit Elite CAD Designs for more information

*NEW LINE! – Volta Innovative Solutions

RCR Associates is representing Volta Innovative Solutions. Volta provides a full range of electrical
prefabrication services to commercial, residential, and modular clients in New York and New Jersey. With their
experience, knowledge, and resources, Volta can undertake prefabrication projects of any type or size.
Electrical prefabrication services allow for custom solutions that add value to a building project.   Prefab solutions include:
Rough-In: Wall rough, ceiling rough, and apartment panels.
Deck: Deck boxes, deck stub ups, and trees.
Temporary Power: Temp string lights, socket lamps, receptacles with ROMEX, pigtails with ROMEX, and temp panels.
One-Offs: Receptacle stub ups, DGP fire alarm panels, MC whips, conduit racks, conduit bending, cut-out boxes, custom driver enclosures, and pre-wiring light fixtures. [New York & New Jersey]


Multi cable & pipe transits for buildings and land-based structures
EMC and G&B multi cable & pipe transits for buildings and land-based structures
• RGB & RGG Ex
Ex rated multi cable & pipe transits for buildings and land-based structures
Circular multi cable & pipe transits for assembly sleeves, pipes, drilled or cast holes
Circular EMC and G&B multi cable & pipe transits for assembly in sleeves, pipes, drilled or cast holes
Circular Ex rated multi cable & pipe transits for assembly  in sleeves
• RGPlan – Web based MCT Designer
Configure cable/pipe penetrations quick and easy with our web based manager service. Input your transit requirements and RGPlan automatically configures the seal, along with all necessary components, blank blocks, stayplates and compression systems.  
MCT Brattberg endeavourers to protect people and property through the design, development and manufacture of high-performance cable and pipe transits. These are used in high-risk maritime, offshore and land-based environments to minimize danger by preventing the spread of fire, water, gas, chemicals and other hazards substances. Putting safety first lies at the heart of all MCT Brattberg business activities. [New York and New Jersey]